Ledfoot Larry and his band "The Real Deal" are a Twin Cities-based Country and Americana 5-piece extravaganza! Their show is a combination of radio-friendly Americana originals, and the most danceable Top 40 classics from the "Golden Age of Country" to ever grace the radio.  Whether you find them at a street dance, large venue or roadside honky-tonk, you're looking at a sweaty night of broken heels and spendy bar tabs.

Ledfoot Larry | Vocals / Guitar

Ledfoot Larry | Vocals / Guitar

Before entering onto the scene as a new Country & Western artist, he knew that his name “Lorenzo Michelutti” wouldn’t kick up visions of outlaw country or cowboy boots.  Thus, the pseudonym “Ledfoot Larry” was born - a combination of his nickname given by many bandmates in the past (Lorenzo is the Italian version of Lawrence, hence “Larry”), and his love of both Led Zeppelin and Willie “Shotgun Willie” Nelson.

It didn’t take long before solo acoustic shows at coffee shops weren’t doing the trick…so a band was put together to realize the songs as he heard them in his head. But it was also apparent that a ‘brand’ had to be built…that they needed audiences to share the music with in the first place.  So an exciting covers repertoire of danceable country hits and Americana classics was put together, and the race was on.

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